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Mobile:13322987289 李桂榮
   13322984893 羅開和

Shenzhen Yu Jia Battery Equipment Co., Ltd.: is a general taxpayer. Located in Shenzhen original lithographs base - Guanlan Town. Near the industrial area: Meiguan, aircraft could be other highways, transportation is very convenient. The Company by a group engaged in decades of experience in battery R & D and production facilities engineer formation. Focused on the development, production of nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lithium ion, lithium polymer batteries and other special equipment.

We always adhere to the "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, specialization" business philosophy, and constantly strengthen enterprise innovation management, and constantly improve the level of research and development production, the use of advanced solid appropriate technology to ensure product quality, and ahead of the forefront of the industry. The company focused on the development own core technology, through technology platform and brand building, and gradually establish a competitive edge, opened with domestic counterparts gap, a high-end product and technology solutions in the industry with strong technical strength provider.

Credibility is based on the book, innovation is the soul of development. "Market-oriented, to meet customer requirements, dedication to provide customers with quality products and excellent service" is the Yu-chia explore the market, the ultimate goal of customer service.

Looking ahead, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, hand in hand, create brilliant. The company will maintain this unique philosophy, and our customers and collaborators to create a better tomorrow.

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