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China\u0026#39;s first \u0026quot;Panda\u0026quot; N-type silicon solar cell app

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22 February report (reporter LvZiHao) 22, China first "panda" n-type si efficient solar cell module series products, in that day opening of a "2011 international solar industry and pv engineering (Shanghai) exposition and BBS" officially unveiled.

According to the products manufacturer of heibei baoding yingli company introduction, "panda" n-type monocrystalline silicon efficient battery is the company with famous European solar battery research institutions Dutch national energy research center (ECN) and a leading global pv equipment and automation system supplier eminem tektronix Amtech) joint research and development (company. This product adopts the phosphorus diffusion to form an effective back field and the similar positive gate line is designed to achieve contact method, the battery can double-sided power generation, the large-scale production of battery conversion efficiency of 18.7%, its lab conversion efficiency of 19.89%, for Chinese first efficient n-type silicon solar cell production quantities of project.

In the exhibition site 180 square meters booth, except "panda" pv products, as the German bayern Munich football club official senior partners, yingli company also held with "green football, low carbon experience" as the theme of the football interactive activities.

According to information, yingli company is a leading global solar photovoltaic power generation enterprise, already had a state-level photovoltaic material and technical key laboratory, hebei pv engineering technology research center and postdoctoral research stations and academician workstation etc "wisdom is built" platform, is currently nervous developed "Tibetan antelope plan" project, will make polycrystalline battery conversion generally improved one percentage point, battery average efficiency up 17.5%.

International solar photovoltaic assembly (hereinafter referred to as "SNEC pv conference") is a global biggest influence of photovoltaic industry exhibition one. By Chinese renewable energy society, Europe photovoltaic industry association 11 international industry organization jointly by the Shanghai exhibition has gathered from Germany, the United States, Japan, etc. More than 60 countries and regions over 2,000 enterprises and many kinds of photovoltaic products exhibition, and to attract domestic and international nearly 4,000 industry scholars, experts and more than 100,000 professionals involved in academic discussion.

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